why is Pop Smoke considered Afrolatino?

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why is pop smoke considered Afrolatino?

It’s complicated. Pop Smoke was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Jamaican father and Panamanian mother. He considered himself black and Puerto Rican. His music often blended elements of trap and drill with Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggaeton. Some have argued that his sound is more accurately described as “Latin trap” or “Afro-trap.”

However you choose to categorize his music, there’s no doubt that Pop Smoke was heavily influenced by both African-American and Latino cultures. And his unique blend of sounds appealed to fans of both genres.

So why is Pop Smoke considered Afrolatino? Because he straddled the line between two cultures and created something new and exciting that appealed to fans of both. His music was a fresh, exciting sound that blended the best of both worlds. And that’s why he’ll always be considered Afrolatino.

Why was Pop considered Afrolatino?

There are a few reasons why Pop Smoke is considered Afrolatino. First, he was of African-American and Dominican descent. second, he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, which has a large Afrolatino population. Lastly, his music often includes elements of both African-American and Latino cultures.

Who was Pop Smoke?

Pop Smoke was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 20, 1999. His real name is Bashar Jackson. Pop Smoke’s career began when he uploaded his song “Welcome to the Party” on SoundCloud in April 2019. The song became a sleeper hit and went viral on social media platforms such as TikTok

What was Pop’s top music?

Pop Smoke signed a record deal with Republic Records in June 2019. He released his debut mixtape, “Meet the Woo”, in July 2019. The mixtape peaked at number seven on the US Billboard 200 chart. Pop Smoke released his second mixtape, “Meet the Woo 2”, in February 2020. The mixtape debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart.

How did Pop Smoke die?

Pop Smoke was shot and killed at a home in Los Angeles on February 19, 2020. He was 20 years old.

Pop Smoke’s death sent shockwaves throughout the music industry and social media. Celebrities such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B paid tribute to the late rapper. His death also sparked a wave of tributes from fans who created artworks, made videos, and held memorials in his honor.


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