What is an example of commercial construction?

What is an example of commercial construction?

After the industrial revolution, the world witnessed a boom in construction, primarily commercial structures. That’s exactly why this blog will address some common examples of commercial construction in Montgomery, TX. Read on to learn more about common types of commercial projects constructed in the current marketplace.

Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects


A restaurant isn’t just a place for eating. If you create a brand experience with your restaurant, it will reach the headlines and become the talk of the town. But this requires an excellent architectural design and local regulations permit. It’s essential to consider safety protocols and electrical planning procedures. So, if you’re expanding your chain, consider implementing the standard rules that should be followed in all branches.

Grocery and Retail Stores

Like restaurants, grocery stores are often frequented by customers regularly. Therefore, the overall layout of the building is crucial. In simple words, it should look good both inside and outside to present a welcoming look from the customer’s perspective.

Lodging Facilities

The lodging or accommodation industry includes motels and hotels ranging from fundamental to elegant structures. Here customers spend a lot of time, so it must provide comfort and luxury for a better experience. Therefore, you should hire an expert architect for such a commercial project. Additional concerns and structural requirements to consider include fire exits, room sizes, utility connections, security, privacy, and soundproof rooms.

Office Buildings

The scope of office buildings can range from small firms to skyscrapers for big corporations. A big building can even merge multiple businesses within its massive framework. While creating office buildings, construction necessities like fire escapes and bathrooms must address significant access concerns.

Industrial Structures

Factories and other industrial structures require extensive planning. They should be big enough to cater to the employees in the factory. The heavy machinery in factories needs space and ventilation. The floor and ceiling structures should be designed accordingly. Furthermore, don’t forget to consider the safety requirements of employees, including vent systems, fire exits, and extinguishers.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities’ requirements will never fade. Small clinics and buildings are always part of this equation. These facilities need a construction that considers easy movement for personnel and patients while having space for life-saving equipment and machines. Accessibility and easy navigation are crucial when building medical facilities.

Sports Faculties

Fitness centers, high school playgrounds, and stadiums are specific commercial structures that need unique designs. They should cater to the large sitting area for the audience with a good lighting structure. On the other hand, gym facilities should have enough space for a changing room and machines.

The Right Choice

If you want to design and construct a commercial property in Montgomery, please visit Advanced Construction and Development. We create and build commercial properties, providing you with the perfect space for your office. We also utilize solid and sustainable materials applied with the latest construction techniques to craft a durable commercial space. Our team has experience creating office spaces, industrial warehouses, retail locations, residential units, etc. From planning and execution to maintenance, we can handle the entire building process to save you time, money, and stress.

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