Tips for choosing the right swimming pool builder in San Antonio

Tips for choosing the right swimming pool builder in San Antonio

Owning a swimming pool is excellent for cooling off on hotter days and throwing a party at festivals. Texas has high-temperature summers, and owning a pool might come in handy for you and your family. If building a swimming pool is on your list of things to do, consider talking to a professional pool builder in San Antonio, TX. In the meantime, our experts have listed down tips to help you choose an excellent pool building in your area. Continue reading to make this search operation easier!

Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Builder

There are so many contractors that offer similar services. But not every one of them provides the same quality and reliability when it comes to pool construction. The world would be a lot easier if people do what they say, after all. But don’t worry, follow these tips before making a choice. We have addressed all critical considerations for evaluating pool builders’ quality of service and reliability.

Look up online

To choose the right pool builder, you would naturally go on Google and likely type “pool builders near me.” This will give you a list of several contractors. Pick a handful of them by visiting their website and checking their work. Notice the quality of their finished projects, and if you like it, proceed to the next tip.

Check their statistics and credentials

After searching for pool builders near you and selecting a handful of them by skimming through their websites, it’s time to check their statistics and credentials. Check for the company’s name, contact information, experience, and the number of crew members.

Verify licensing and insurance

The next step is to verify whether or not they are insured and licensed. This will come in handy in building trust with them. By knowing the licensing, you would know a trusted authority to verify and consider them experts in the industry. Insurance will be helpful in case something goes wrong onsite.

Learn about their customer satisfaction

What previous customers think about the company’s services is essential. This will give you an unfiltered opinion about their practices and how professional the crew members are at work. You can either ask them to help you get in touch with their previous customers, or you can find them yourself by reading the reviews. If you have trusted friends in your area who acquired the company’s services before, it’s even better. Try asking them about the job timeline, work ethics, and payment information. But get distracted by one positive or negative review about the business as almost everyone gets them. Try analyzing the general opinion. You should also check how the company has dealt with negative reviews. This will tell a lot about how sincere, friendly, and professional they are while working.

Check affiliations

Another important tip when choosing a contractor for pool construction is to check which trade associations have approved the company. This will give you insight into their code of conduct, business ethics, and professionalism.

Trust your guts

You might have come across the phrase, “Guts don’t lie.” Well, there’s some truth in that statement. If your intuitions tell you something is wrong, you need to consider your decision further. In other words, you shouldn’t form an agreement with any contractor based on only a few positive points, such as their sales pitch. It would be best if you noticed their daily conduct and way of doing business. And when you ask them questions about their work, affiliations, or a customer’s experience, you need to stay on the lookout for red flags. Rethink your decision if they hesitate to answer certain questions or give you an unrealistically low-cost estimate. Moreover, look for high-pressure sales maneuvers, scare tactics, or bullying, as these strategies are major red flags.

Are they asking you to sign a contract right away?

As a homeowner, you have every right to explore your options when you want to build a pool in your backyard. If a contractor is using high-pressure sales tactics, forcing you to sign a contract at your first meeting, this might be a sign that they aren’t very reputable. You should always feel welcomed and comfortable when choosing a contractor and not feel pressured in your choice.

Warranty of the workmanship

Another tip that’ll help in your search is always to hire a pool builder that promises a quality warranty. Talk about what issues they will cover in the warranty and the terms and conditions.


Having a pool in your backyard can be an excellent escape from the daily hustle and bustle. But before owning a swimming pool, the first significant decision you’ve to make as a homeowner is to choose the right pool builder. Searching for the best one near you won’t be easy. But by using these tips, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy one with great pool construction skills. If you want to know more about pool building contractors or hire a reliable one, you can contact our experts at Town and Country Pools. We are known for providing the best custom pools, spas, and outdoor living spaces in Texas.

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