Teeth Whitening: Does it work and is it safe?

Teeth whitening is controversial, with some seeing it as potentially dangerous and others seeing it as a valuable service. Dentists offer teeth whitening, but sometimes overuse or doing so without the necessary care can cause harm.

A lot of non-professionals, not qualified to carry out procedures, offer false claims that their teeth whitening products are effective. As there are a lot of information on the topic online which is neither trustworthy nor objective, it becomes hard for someone to make an informed opinion.

Save money and time with DIY kits

Searching for DIY teeth whitening online will reveal a large number of kits, some of which have glowing reviews. Some are even dangerous when not used correctly and fail to work as they should. There is also the negativity linked with this procedure because many people who have undertaken a DIY teeth whitening project end up facing consequences such as teeth becoming stained and, in rare cases, they taking to social media to complain.

The easiest and safest way to brighten your smile

The professionals you need to treat you are dentists who have been trained and equipped to provide client-centered care. Their guidance is essential as they know your dental health history and if you decide to go it alone, that decision is yours and theirs is not responsible. Dentists are also able to use their skills to predict the outcomes of procedures and advise ways to stay safe.

How Often Is Too Often?

It’s also important to consult your dentist about the frequency of the teeth whitening treatment before getting started. A good dentist will suggest that you refrain from getting it treated more than once a week, as this can lead to damage to your teeth.

If you’re planning to get your teeth lightened for a special occasion, talk to your dentist ahead of time. It’s not nice to go into the event and find out that it would be too risky when you’ve already made arrangements for it.

Teeth whitening can not only enhance the brightness of your smile but also give you more confidence around strangers. Just be sure to get it done by a dental professional who knows what they’re doing, and use the services because of their high skill level rather than on a whim.