Tammy Hembrow’s fans say she ‘won’ baby-naming beef with Kylie Jenner


Tammy Hembrow’s fans say she ‘won’ baby-naming beef with Kylie Jenner

Was Kylie Jenner actually Tammy Hembrow-beaten into baby name submission?

Well, the 27-year-old Australian fitness model’s online Wolf pack seems to think so.

Hembrow fans are celebrating her presumed victory against Jenner, 24, after the billionaire beauty baron said she and boyfriend Travis Scott, 30, have renamed their baby boy, formerly known as Wolf — which is the name of Hembrow’s 6-year-old son. 

“No way did Kylie Jenner change her son’s name. Tammy Hembrow won,” cheered a Hembrow booster on Twitter, referring to the ongoing baby name beef between the famous ex-friends. 

In February, Hembrow, who’s pregnant with her third child, shared a snap of herself and her son on Instagram and captioned the photo “My Wolf.” The cryptic post went public just moments after the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star said that she, too, had selected the name Wolf for her bundle of joy. 

Twitter fans of Tammy Hembrow, 27, say she “won” in the baby-name beef between her and Kylie Jenner, 24, after the reality star announced that she and Travis Scott, 30, have changed their newborn son’s name. NYPost Composite Hembrow fans claim she “won” in her baby name beef with Kylie Jenner after the “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” star said she’d changed her newborn son’s name. Instagram/@tammyhembrow

On Monday, Jenner took to her Instagram Story, revealing that she and Scott decided to change their son’s name, claiming the title didn’t “feel” like the tot. 

“FYI OUR SONS NAME ISN’T WOLF ANYMORE. WE JUST REALLY DIDN’T FEEL LIKE IT WAS HIM,” she penned sans acknowledgment of the first-name friction between her and Hembrow. “JUST WANTED TO SHARE BECAUSE I KEEP SEEING WOLF EVERYWHERE.”

Jenner said she and Scott chose to swap out their son’s name for another one because the original moniker didn’t “feel” like a proper fit for the little one. Kylie Jenner/Instagram

However, despite the seemingly benign nature of her baby bulletin — which came a few hours after she shared footage of special moments leading up to her son’s birth — Hembrow buffs virally boasted over Jenner’s apparent forfeit in the “Wolf” war. 

“Can’t believe Kylie Jenner decided wolf wasn’t her sons name anymore, Tammy really won,” tweeted a supporter of the blond socialite. 

“Kylie changing the name bc she’s scared of Tammy Hembrow is so funny,” chimed another. 

But Jenner advocates defended the reality superstar, blasting Hembrow and her fan base for “bullying” the mom of two over her name selection. 

“People [definitely] bullied Kylie & Travis into changing their son’s name which is so sad,” argued a Twitter user. “No one says anything about Tammy’s son, but it’s an issue for Kylie’s son to be called that? Okay.”

Jenner supporters on Twitter accused Hembrow and her fans of “bullying” her into changing her son’s name.Kylie Jenner/Youtube

Other online onlookers, however, noted that neither Hembrow nor Jenner was the first celebrity to name their son Wolf, citing stars who beat both bombshells to the punch. 

“It’s actually incredibly common in Hollywood and I guess they realized it. Lisa Bonet, Eve, her ex-friend Tammy, and several other [people] all have sons named Wolf,” penned a commentator, in part. 

Another theorized that Jenner’s abrupt baby name change is nothing more than a function of her famous family’s tireless pursuit of funds. 

Fans are proposing a number of alternative theories on why Jenner might have changed her baby's name. Fans are proposing a number of alternative theories on why Jenner might have changed her baby’s name. Kylie Jenner/Youtube

“Because Tammy Hembrow & Eve have sons called Wolf and [Jenner] realized she can’t copyright it (the way Kris couldn’t copyright Kylie) therefore can’t [she] make money … it’s all about the $$$$,” read the tweet. 

Representatives for Hembrow and Jenner did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment on their name controversy. 

Jenner has yet to reveal her son’s new name. 

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