Sony Wireless Subwoofer Review: How To Get the Most out of Your Sound

Are you a fan of your sound? If so, then you need a Sony wireless subwoofer to enhance your audio experience. This device is designed to bring out the bass in your music, movies, and games with over 20 watts of power. This technology allows for crisp and clear sound at all volume levels. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Sony wireless subwoofer:

Sony wireless subwoofer review

1. Use a high quality audio source

Sony wireless subwoofer is designed for listening to music, movies and games. It’s not designed for watching TV or being heard in a large room. If you’re using a low-quality audio source, such as an MP3 player or your smartphone, the Sony wireless subwoofer may not be able to provide the quality you need. For example, if you’re using a cheap MP3 player that only supports 32 kbps audio, then you won’t realize the sound quality increase from this device.

2. Set it up correctly

Sony wireless subwoofer is designed to be placed on the floor and have its speakers pointed towards the listener. This design will allow for optimal sound quality and volume at all levels of use. So, if you aren’t placing it on the floor or pointing it towards your listeners, then it won’t work optimally. Make sure that your speaker is pointing towards your listeners or place it directly on a hard surface like concrete or tile so that air can get underneath instead of blocking out too much sound with a rug or couch cushioning it down.

3. Keep space between the device and walls

Space between this device and walls allows for ideal placement and ensures optimum sound quality and volume at all levels of use. Direct placement against a wall will block some sound waves from reaching your ears while other sounds will pass through without being heard clearly because they’ll get blocked by the walls before they reach your ears

Setup and troubleshooting tips

First, you will need to setup your subwoofer. You can accomplish this task by following the steps in the manual or by listening to the directions on your speakers. It is important that you follow these steps carefully so that your experience with your wireless subwoofer will be a positive one.
Next, if you are experiencing sound issues, there is an easy way to troubleshoot your wireless subwoofer. Go into settings and make sure that Bluetooth is turned off as well as Wi-Fi. If both of these features are not turned off, then try turning them off and check back again on your wireless subwoofer to see if it’s fixed. Finally, after setting up your wireless subwoofer and ensuring that it is working properly, you should test out all of the functions available on your Sony wireless subwoofer. Try playing music at different volume levels and different genres, for example.

Advanced tips for getting the most out of your sound

– Always power on your Sony wireless subwoofer before connecting to your device. This will eliminate any interference with sound at the beginning of your experience.

– Your wireless subwoofer is designed to be plugged in and stay that way. However, there is an option to connect it wirelessly with a range up to 30 feet.

– If you want to use the speaker outside, allow for approximately 10 minutes of charging time before transporting it outdoors so it will reach its maximum performance potential.


This wireless subwoofer is perfect for those looking to upgrade their sound system. It offers great range, intuitive design, and a variety of customizing options.

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