Social media in shock over Shein’s ‘sexy’ swimsuit: ‘A wedgie you pay for’

Social media in shock over Shein’s ‘sexy’ swimsuit: ‘A wedgie you pay for’

Dental floss chic?

A risqué swimsuit from Shein is raising eyebrows on social media over its raunchy design and minuscule fabric that barely covers the nether regions.

The Shein “SXY Rhinestone Studded One-Piece Swimsuit,” which retails for $12 on the Chinese fashion purveyor’s website, is an X-rated black number with the thinnest strip of nylon material to shield the groin area. Made of polyamide and elastane, the swimwear is described as “sexy” in the style category.

Social media was astonished by the lack of fabric in a skimpy Shein swimsuit selling for $11.Social media was astonished by the lack of fabric in a skimpy Shein swimsuit selling for $12.Shein

But some on social media thought “sexy” was quite an understatement for the racy number.

“Excuse me it’s a what now??? It’s a wedgie you pay for,” Facebook user Tracy Fell wrote. “This is not normal,” chimed in another. “Ouccccccch,” one simply declared.

“Does she have it on backwards? Do real women actually wear this?” chimed in Rhonda Davis Young.

SHEIN SXY Rhinestone Studded One Piece Swimsuit retails for just over $11.Shein’s “SXY Rhinestone Studded One-Piece Swimsuit” retails for $12.Shein “Does she have it on backwards?” one Facebook user asked.Shein

Others were shocked Shein would even offer such a skimpy ensemble.

“Wow, these shein designers are really skimping on the fabric these days,” wrote Sarah Hogan. “Is this a for real ‘bathing suit’? Where do your lady bits go? I just don’t understand fashion I guess,” commented Jodi Lyn Vogelsong.

“Me and my coochie could never,” Tammy Dee wrote on Facebook while another questioned: “But where would my flaps go?”

At least one person mused that even the model looked uncomfortable wearing the swimsuit. “Um she can’t even stand straight in this suit. It’s suspicious,” Drea Lynn wrote, while Tonia Mulroy-Dobosenski noted how she would feel awkward, too. “I can feel this suit discomfort just looking at this. Also it kinda makes me laugh.”

Some pointed out that the model even looks uncomfortable.Some pointed out that the model even looks uncomfortable.Shein

An eagle-eyed commenter observed that the product image appears to be Photoshopped, too.

“I don’t know which needs attention first . . . the dislocated or missing hip (can’t work out which it is) or the other missing area,” wrote Facebook user Dawn Butterworth. “Are SHEINs designers and picture editors permanently drunk?”

On Shein’s website, where it has a 3.5-star rating, one shopper declared the suit “good good good good good good good good,” while another criticized the fit. “The bottom of the suit is too thin to cover what you need it to,” the anonymous fashion critic said.

However, at least one person, Amanda Lyn Brown, is excited to don the provocative maillot.

“I am so damn confident after my front butt surgery, I ordered this! I can’t WAIT for it to get here!! Pictures to follow,” she wrote.

“Y’all….I’m so tempted to order this just to laugh at myself in it,” Leah Creech joked. “Who the hell can wear this stuff??”