Shop New York Post X Old Jewish Men merch and then hit the deli

Shop New York Post X Old Jewish Men merch and then hit the deli
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Who is that in the corner of the bodega, lurking around the condiments and napkins by the deli counter?

If you’re in New York City, chances are it’s a new member of the NYC Deli Association, here with a treat for you — and maybe a gentle nudge and nag, too.

Jokes aside, the Old Jewish Men and New York Post are back again with a hot new “delicore” merchandise collab you need to see.

By way of tees, tote bags, hats and mugs, the new launch brings the fictional but necessary “NYC Deli Association” to life, in addition to sharing the headlines we wish were true and other gripes with the world, like carrying too much, having to go too far or the sudden switch to crypto (what is that, anyway?)

However, this is no joke to us, nor those who value accessible and affordable pastrami, among other things. The merch lineup includes two limited-edition shirts with fully produced New York Post covers, in addition to tote bags, mugs, hoodies and a cap. Each feature the NYP and OJM logos, in addition to the brand new NYC Deli Association pickle logo, that we guess is a classic Kosher dill.

Two tee shirts on a background of sandwiches New York Post Composite

For those unfamiliar, OJM is a lifestyle brand created by Noah Rinsky and Bryan Seversky, which features images of elderly Jewish men in a variety of meme-able moments — most recently demanding affordable lox prices and access to public restrooms — in addition to real life demonstrations and “protests” to bring attention to their various causes.

“The inspiration for this was an homage to New York Post and Page Six designs, and then celebrate this bygone era of deli culture,” Seversky told The Post.

“These guys have sort of become the New York City police in some ways, holding these places accountable for what they see as outrageous prices. Obviously there is a level of absurdity and comedy to it, but at its base truth, it’s true,” Rinsky added.

The accounts now have over 55,000 Instagram followers and 53,000 TikTok followers along with a merch store where you can also shop this collection, plus prepare for Christmas with this topical tee from last season.

Back to this new collection: Each item will be available on both the OJM Merch site as well as the New York Post Store. Some are also outlined below in greater detail with exclusive quotes from the OJM founders, most likely given on their lunch break — pockets full of condiment packets, we’d imagine.

A hat on a pickle background New York Post Composite

“The NYC Deli Association, while it doesn’t exist, we believe that it does,” said Rinsky. “It’s the Old Jewish Man in the sky keeping a watchful eye, making sure things are done right and correctly,” added Seversky.

Help protect the deli of the city with this stylish and silly cap, with an embroidered pickle logo front and center and the OJM and NYP logos on the back.

2. Mustard Shirt, $35, Available April 8 to 10 only

A white shirt on a background of mustard and ketchup New York Post Composite

This shirt isn’t free, but mustard packets should be, in the eyes of the OJM. The funny shirt comes in a long-sleeve style to keep you warm in the freezer section of the deli, complete with this mock headline and the new NYC Deli Association logo.

“Who wants to buy their own when you can get them for free all around?” said Seversky. “If it’s free, take two,” Rinsky chimed in. “But also, don’t take more than what is correct.”

3. Napkin Shirt, $35, Available April 8 to 10 only

A white tee shirt on a green pickle background New York Post

“How many napkins is it okay to take? Do the right thing!” said Servesky.

Honestly, we don’t know how many napkins is the correct amount, all we know is that you should take enough to protect this white shirt from any pastrami stains. The tee comes in unisex sizing for all napkin lovers, with this comical headline on the front.

A gray hoodie on a mustard and ketchup backgroundNew York Post Composite

This one is perfect for your rockin’ bubbie or zaydie (grandma or gramps) or anyone who loves the retro style of OJM illustrations. This one shows an Old Jewish Man in a rocking chair, reading Page Six and smoking his nightly cigar.

A Crypto bag on a pickle backgroundNew York Post Store

What even is crypto, anyway?

“It’s nothing!” both founders said. “We like currency, paper. It’s gold without the gold and all that is wrong with the world.”

Instead, use your real money to invest in this tote bag, to carry around tangible paper, groceries and more.

A Schlep tote bag on a mustard and ketchup background New York Post Composite

For those that live in New York, schlepping is a daily part of the grind. For those that don’t know, the Yiddish word refers to the act of carrying too much or having to “schlep out” too far, like from Brooklyn to the Bronx, for example. This tote makes the former easier, helping you carry your deli order and all your condiment packets from the deli and back safely.

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