Shingles vs. tile roofing

Shingles vs. Tile Roofing

There are a lot of materials you can choose from when you’re building or re-roofing your home. The important thing is to make sure the material will suit what you’ll need. Roofers near me give advice on which material will be best for your needs, and there are a few things to think about when deciding what material to settle with.


Prices for roof installation vary according to a homeowner’s needs. Some of the most affordable roofs are made from asphalt; installers charge between $350-700 per square for shingles, though higher costs ($550-700) are necessary for tile roofs or those requiring concrete or clay tiles.


There are two main types of roofing materials, asphalt shingles, and clay tiles. Both materials can last for many years; however, clay tiles will last longer and are a more long-term investment.


You might want to invest in a roof that lasts for a long time and is relatively easy to put up, like asphalt shingles. They are easier to cut and install compared to other materials and can provide a lower cost of labor. A clay tile roof or concrete tiles might be better than asphalt but require more expertise. If you want these materials, find an expert contractor with a reputation of doing work well.


Both shingles and tiles have low-maintenance qualities. Shingles require homeowners to perform regular roof inspections, where they can fix minor leaks with new shingles or repair broken shingles. Tile roofs are easy to maintain as they just need routine housekeeping such as washing and occasional replacement of tiles that have broken.


Shingles are a lightweight material that can be installed on any type of house. Tile is heavy and can only be installed in houses with solid roofs.


There are two types of roofing materials ­ tiles and shingles. A shingle roof isn’t durable because it can disintegrate or crack, which leaves it vulnerable to mold growth. Tile is a high-quality roofing material because it cannot rot, is resistant to UV rays, and is one of the most fire-resistant materials.

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