Save up to $35 on select Echo and Alexa devices right now

Save up to $35 on select Echo and Alexa devices right now
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Amazon is our favorite one-stop-shop for a reason.

Need some new bakeware? Amazon has you covered. Looking for the best tech devices for kids? Amazon has them. Want a superior portable speaker? Amazon has that, too.

So, we might as well face it — Amazon is truly the best. That’s why when we heard the top brand was slashing the prices on their favored devices, we just had to share the news.

Starting on April 10 to April 17, shoppers can save up to $35 on both Echo and Alexa devices. Best of all, there’s something for everyone, as the Echo Show 5, Echo Dot and kids Echo devices are all included in the sale.

Keep reading to shop some of the unbeatable deals being offered.

Amazon Alexa ScreenAmazon

Looking for a device that can do it all? Then the Echo Show 5 is for you.

The Echo Show 5 allows you to manage your smart home, connect through video calls, be entertained with TV shows and moves and even display photos on your display. You can also utilize the Echo Show 5 to set alarms and timers, check your calendar and the news and stream music.

The Echo Show 5 comes in three colors: charcoal, deep sea blue and glacier white.

Amazon Echo DotAmazon

Combine Amazon’s popular smart speaker with Alexa, and you get the Echo Dot.

You can look forward to on-the-dot time, alarms and impeccable sound. If you feel like having some company, simply ask Alexa to tell you a joke, to play some music, answer questions, check the weather, read the news and more.

The Echo Dot also allows you to control your smart home with simply your voice, and that alone is enough for us to buy in.

Amazon Kids Echo DotAmazon

Kids deserve to have some fun, too! That’s why Amazon has also marked down their Echo Dot for kids.

Available in a cute panda or a fierce tiger design, the Echo Dot for kids helps children learn and grow through the use of questions, alarms and homework help.

Not only that, but when you purchase an Echo Dot for kids, you also unlock a plethora of kid-friendly content, such as hours of Audible books, interactive games and educational skills all for free for one year.

Plus, parents can control the Echo Dot for kids by setting daily time limits, filter explicit songs, and reviewing activity from the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

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