The Payroll Forms Employers Need

The IRS requires you to complete and file certain payroll forms by a legally mandated deadline. Neglecting to do so can result in fines and penalties. Payroll forms also help with your own recordkeeping and financial planning. There are 12 key payroll forms that concern employee and contractor wages and taxes, as well as employer-provided… Read More »

Lia Thomas controversy surrounds NCAA swimming championships

WHEN LIA THOMAS’ fingertips break the surface of the water on Thursday at the McAuley Aquatic Center in Atlanta, nobody in the 500-yard freestyle, or in any other race at the NCAA women’s swimming and diving championships, will have navigated choppier waters.Thomas, a transgender swimmer at Penn, has sparked searing skepticism with her season-long dominance.…

What happened to Kentucky against Saint Peter’s, and what’s next

In the first truly shocking upset of March Madness 2022, a Kentucky Wildcats team that many bracket-fillers and national observers had pegged for a Final Four appearance (at a minimum) fell to the 15th-seeded Saint Peter’s Peacocks 85-79 in overtime on Thursday in Indianapolis.Among ESPN’s 54-person panel, 37 had the Wildcats reaching the Final Four,…

Formula One and American audiences are made for this moment

You wanna be Americano, Americano, Americano… listen here: Who asked you to?You want to be all trendy, but if you drink “whisky and soda” you can only end up sick.You dance the “rock’n’roll” and play the “baseball.” But where’d you get the cash for the Camel cigarettes?Mummy’s handbag!You acting all Americano, Americano, Americano…But you were…

Picking the UEFA Champions League from quarterfinals to final: Man

The path to the Champions League final in Paris on May 28 is now clear following the draw for the last eight and semifinals of the competition. The prospect of a heavyweight clash at the Stade de France remains alive, with favourites Liverpool and Manchester City, and Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, kept apart en…

Human induced pluripotent stem cells improve visual acuity, vascular health

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, in collaboration with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and five other institutions, are investigating novel regenerative medicine approaches to better manage vascular health complications from type 2 diabetes that could someday support blood vessel repair in the eye among diabetic patients with early retinal vascular dysfunction. These… Read More »

Wyoming’s got a new app for claiming roadkill

LANDER, Wyo. — The aroma of sizzling meat in melted butter wafts from a cast iron pan while Jaden Bales shows his favorite way to cook up the best steak cuts from a big game animal. The deep red backstrap pieces, similar to filet mignon of beef, are organic and could hardly be more local.… Read More »

Netflix to stream Zelensky’s ‘Servant of the People’ series in US

Netflix’s US subscribers can now stream “Servant of the People,” the satirical comedy series that helped to launch Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s political career – and eventual role in leading the resistance against an escalating Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the series, Zelensky plays a high school history teacher who gains national fame after a video… Read More »

What Is an International PEO?

International PEOs can assist with legal compliance, business registration and statutory changes as you expand into new territories. Although an international PEO can help you expand into foreign countries, it is not a global employer organization. PEOs bundle many comprehensive international HR needs into one service, but they don’t eliminate international registration needs and risks.… Read More »