Is the NFL rigged? Bringing the truth to light

Is the NFL rigged?

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the United States, and a large part of that popularity can be attributed to the National Football League.

With exceptional performance and remarkable skills on the field, the 32 NFL teams have consistently mesmerized fans.

In the biggest football event on the planet, the Super Bowl, the match is always up to expectations. How do the teams prepare?

What kind of tricks do fans not know about these games? Let’s examine the NFL and find out;

Is NFL Rigged?

The NFL rigs most of its high stakes games, especially those leading up to or during the Super Bowl. Generally, the rigging occurs when officials and referees stack the odds against one team for the other to win.

Other times, the players are told to throw the game because it is beneficial to the league. According to where the teams will play and the number of fans, the games are rigged to generate more money for sales and viewership.

Rigging games benefits the NFL in what ways?

Financially, the league has a lot of reasons to rig games. While the players may find the decision difficult, what can you do about it? Understanding how the NFL benefits from rigging games is crucial to getting the full picture.

1. Ticket sales

It is possible for the NFL to fix matches leading up to games of teams that will sell the most tickets. Increasing ticket sales will benefit both the league and the team.

To do this, they should choose teams that are likely to win the Super Bowl so that the local fans will fill the stadiums and their sponsors will benefit from increased sales. It is always successful to get popular teams to the Super Bowl since it is always sold out.

2. An improvement in ratings

We all like it when a movie goes in the direction we want it to go. The idea is the same in sports when analysts figure out what the majority of fans want in terms of victories and give it to them.

As a result, the NFL ratings continue to go up and they get more viewers, sponsors, and deals that generate revenue.

When many people watch a show, adverts make much more money.

In order to keep revenue high, the NFL will always try to attract as many users as possible.

3. Increasing the stakes of the games

Every aspect of life becomes more enjoyable when planned out, and you don’t even realize it. Similarly, NFL games are rigged to create rivalries and stiff competition between teams to entice fans.

The NFL and the teams it is associated with make more money as the number of fans increases.

By picking match-ups and winners, fans are guaranteed to come back for more.

The fans might become unhappy if the games are left to play out by themselves. Due to this, the NFL’s management fixes matches to go in a favorable direction.

Football’s most rigged games

Especially when it comes to sports, we all like a good conspiracy theory. There are some conspiracies with no basis, while there are others with too much evidence to ignore. Here are some of the most rigged games in the NFL;

1. Super Bowl XL

Taking a look at the final score, it seems like there is no controversy since the Steelers easily won 21-10. The final score, however, does not tell the whole story.

This matchup saw the SeaHAWKS flagged multiple times on obvious calls. It seemed like they were playing against the Steelers and the officials that night.

Most of the time, cases like this are dismissed as fans who hate the other team getting emotional and lying, but this was different.

The referee from the Steelers game, Bill Leavy, opened up and admitted that he had threw the game a few years later.

2. Super Bowl III

Against the Jets, the Colts were considered fan favorites. It was a fantastic season for the Colts, and they won all of their games except one with over 20 points.

The Jets defeated the Colts 16-7 in the Super Bowl. Earl Murray led them as one of the best players in NFL history.

Only six of Murray’s 17 passes were completed, including three interceptions.

There was no doubt that the Colts intentionally threw the game. The Colts lost the game because they were paid off to make the AFL look more legitimate.

3. Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys 2014 divisional game

With 5 minutes remaining, the Packers led 25-21. Dez Bryant leaped to catch the ball over the defender as Tony Romo had his wide receiver sprint down the left sideline.

After the Packers challenged the catch, all viewers were surprised when the call was overturned without any inconclusive evidence.

The Cowboys lost this game due to this turnover, but the NFL admitted it was Dez who caught it three years later.

There are also referees who make calls that make no sense or teams who perform so poorly that logical reasoning cannot explain their performance.

They make games go in the league’s favor by doing what they are told is best for the NFL.

The role of sports betting in sports rigging

We can simplify the workings of a betting organization, which is quite complex. Participants place bets on each team, and if they win, they get more money, and if they lose, they lose their money.

There is not a lot of money going to the winners. Those in charge of the betting businesses make most of the money.

In order to make more money, they control the matches to end in their favor.

It makes the betting company more money when a highly ranked and favored team loses since many people bet on them.

The team loses a lot of money if they win since fewer people bet against them, and they have to pay for it with their own funds.

It has been reported that some games have been rigged in the United States since sports betting became legal in 2018. Let’s examine a few negative consequences it has brought about;

1. Poor officiating has resulted from it

There are parallels to this story in almost every sport, including the NBA and the NFL. Officials engage in gambling during a game.

Referees can be paid to cause a team to lose for another person to earn extra money when officiating a match.

Several referees have admitted to this, including the NBA coach who was imprisoned for 15 months for his crimes.

2. The destruction of talent in players

Key players are sometimes approached by shady characters and bribed to throw a game. Betting companies benefit from this since they lose money if the team loses.

When players are involved in these practices, they become unreliable, and the team may drop them.

If they have nothing to fall back on, young athletes might lose out on a big opportunity and ruin their lives.

You train for months only to lose a game because someone told you to throw it. All team members, including loyal fans, can experience demoralization and pain as a result.

In order to protect athletes from such potential risks, the NFL and all other sports associations must take action.

Sports betting is not profitable since 99% of people lose their money, even if some people make money.


Some of the NFL’s matches are rigged to make more money. Multiple sources within the NFL have confirmed this unbelievable claim, including referees, players, coaches, and high-ranking officials.

It is not worth risking the NFL’s ratings if the games are played naturally.

Most of the time they interfere with high stakes games such as the Super Bowl or big games that determine who goes to the Super Bowl.