Unfortunately, it is not true to say that you no longer have to worry about cleaning your dentures following the dental procedure. When your teeth are replaced, mouth cavities and stains may be created, just like with regular teeth. To maintain a bright, clean appearance, regular use of toothpaste is recommended by dentists.

What Happens If You Do Not Clean Your Dentures

It’s only not that your teeth will look dirty, but there are several oral health risks associated with it. Such as:

Fungus infection is the most common in patients who don’t frequently remove their dentures and has a dry mouth. They reside at the bottom of their denture, causing red and inflamed gums. The only way to heal this is by taking anti-inflammation medication and giving rest to the gums.

Aside from fungal infection, eating debris in the mouth can lead to sores and other medical issues.

If you don’t clean your dentures, there’s always a risk of some physical damage.

How Can Keep Your Denture Clean?

The proper way to clean your denture is to brush your teeth twice a day, make sure that the dentures are completely dry before putting them on, and make sure you properly rinse out the mouthwash.

Brushing is an important step in your denture care routine. If you skip brushing, particles of leftover food and food remnants will be left on the teeth and can even cause damage over time. Using a brush to gently remove debris from the teeth is the best way to keep them clean. Dentures do not get plaque or tartar buildup, but they can become damaged if debris collects on them.

Once you’re finished brushing your teeth, soak your denture in warm water mixed with a denture cleaning solution. The moistening will allow the denture to stay wet and it will help sanitize the denture and make it last longer. If your dentures are not permanent, remove them before bedtime so that you can take care of your gum health.

Sometimes, patients who are not aware of the importance of visits can wait to go to the dentist until their dentures are not giving them a problem without considering that this could cause much bigger problems in the future. Dentist appointments can help with suggesting solutions for current issues and preventing certain problems from reoccurring.