Gals On the Go podcast hosts Brooke & Danielle on their top home items

By | May 1, 2022
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Gals On the Go podcast hosts Brooke & Danielle on their top home items

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Podcast co-hosts Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan have taken the content creation world by storm — here’s the scoop.

Along with mic’ing up as co-hosts of Gals On the Go podcast — a top-rated, Gen Z-minded lifestyle podcast – they each have successful YouTube channels with nearly 840K subscribers, collectively.

One of the reasons they’ve garnered such a large following? They’re part of the upbeat NYC scene and always share their thoughts on love, life and most-cherished products you need to buy — quite literally — right now.

“We want you to feel like you’re sitting on the couch with your girlfriends,” Miccio told the New York Post. “We talk about everything from beauty and fashion to product recommendations to advice on dating and relationships.”

That said, the gals are open to talking about virtually everything, giving their audience a weekend recap, sharing NYC restaurants they love to dine at and catering to what their listeners (and now, viewers!) like to tune into week after week.

In tandem with their passions for content creation, Gals On the Go podcast recently launched a video component to its popular streaming medium, allowing users to tune in (perhaps with one of our favorite streaming devices) and watch the gals sitting on their too-cute mauve couch, in front of the trendy neon sign peeping the show’s name.

“Girl Talk” episode for Gals On the Go podcast, the top-rated lifestyle show hosted by content creators Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan.

“We like incorporating seasonal topics for our listeners, especially during the holidays with gift guide season,” Carolan shared over video chat. “Now that we have the video component, which went live after I moved to NYC, we’re happy to have a studio space that we love to record in.”

Naturally, Miccio and Carolan share their favorite products, from retinol creams and serums to flattering bodysuits. Now, after reigning that “main character energy” that comes with living in NYC apartments, both gals have some more products to share.

“We cater to our NYC audience, naturally, because we share places to go and things to see,” Miccio shared. “But, we have international viewers, too, so we try to give everyone a mix of engaging content.”

Ahead, find the best 20 Amazon home products Miccio and Carolan recommend you add to your online shopping carts.

Click to jump to Brooke and Danielle’s favorite products:

Brooke’s Favorite Amazon Home Products

1. Sauder North Avenue Bar Cart, $78, original price: $85

Sauder North Avenue Bar Cart

“I’ve had this bar cart for years now, and it’s the best,” Miccio highlights. It has wheels so you can easily move it around.” Not to mention, it looks like something you’d find at a high-end furniture store.

2. SimpleHouseware Under-Sink Two-Tier Shelf Rack, $25, original price: $30

SimpleHouseware Under-Sink Two-Tier Shelf RackAmazon

“I recently realized I wasn’t using all of the space under my sink to its fullest potential,” she shared. “I purchased this storage system and now I have doubled the amount of room I have by being able to stack cleaning products!”

To add some products to your cart, check out our guide to the best house cleaning products.

3. Youdenova Cotton Rope Basket, $28

Youdenova Cotton Rope BasketAmazon

Traditionally used as a hamper, Miccio likes this catch-all basket for her apartment space. “I love this basket to store all of my blankets,” she highlights. “It’s cute enough to keep out in my bedroom, and practical for when I have friends over and everyone wants to cozy up.”

4. Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock, $130

For a tech-inspired splurge, consider Hatch’s Sunrise Alarm Clock. “Waking up to the jarring iPhone alarm sound is not the move,” Miccio insists. “Instead, I use my Hatch alarm to slowly wake up with a sunrise-mimicking light, and nature sounds.”

5. Simple Houseware Two-Tier Basket Organizer, $25, original price: $30

Simple Houseware Two-Tier Basket OrganizerAmazon

If you haven’t caught on, the theme of Miccio’s list is maximizing storage. “I use this basket organizer under my bathroom sink to store extra beauty products and backups,” she said. “It really allows me to see everything I have so nothing goes to waste.”

6. Vaehold Adhesive Wall Hooks (6-Pack), $16

Vaehold Adhesive Wall Hooks (6-Pack)Amazon

“These adhesive wall hooks are so practical to stick on the back of closet doors to create extra storage,” she shares. Not to mention, they’re much cuter than other plastic adhesive wall hooks on the market.

7. Sagler Nail Polish Rack, $35

Sagler Nail Polish RackAmazon

This product is advertised as a nail polish rack, but Miccio uses it for sunglasses. “It easily attaches to the wall, and displays the sunglasses like they are in a store,” she said.

8. Black+Decker Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit, $118, original price: $139

Black+Decker Under-Cabinet Lighting KitAmazon

“Plenty of apartments, including mine, don’t come with under-cabinet lighting,” Miccio explains. “This product is easy to install, and creates so much extra light in the kitchen or wherever else you choose to use it.” Not to mention, it’s a great Amazon tech find.

9. Bave “Beer” Iced Coffee Glasses (4-Pack), $26, original price: $34


“These glasses make any drink look better, but they are my favorite for iced coffee,” Miccio notes. “The lip on them is thin so they are perfect for drinking out of.”

10. SpaceKeeper 4-Tier Bathroom Storage Cart, $29, original price: $34

SpaceKeeper 4-Tier Bathroom Storage Cart, whiteAmazon

It can be hard to manage storage in small places, but with this moveable storage cart, it’s made it a little bit easier, according to Miccio. “I keep my everyday beauty essentials on this and store them in a small space in my bathroom,” she said.

Danielle’s Favorite Amazon Home Products

1. Vumdua Decorative Moss Balls (12-Pack), $12

Vumdua Decorative Moss Balls (12-Pack)Amazon

“I put these moss balls in a beautiful bowl on my coffee table and I feel like it brings so much life to my apartment, gives it a fresh and relaxed feel,” Carolan shares. Not only do they cater to the on-trend botanical vibe, but they’re so affordable, too.

2. Gray Malin: The Essential Collection, $45

Gray Malin: The Essential CollectionAmazon

According to Carolan, she loves coffee table books. “I typically like to layer three books on top of each other,” she explains. “Gray Malin’s photography is so unique and a great conversation starter when people come to visit my apartment.”

3. Elements Metal Lantern, $17

Elements Metal Lantern, blackAmazon

“These lanterns go perfect in a corner in your apartment with some real or battery-powered candles,” she notes. “I turn them on as the sun starts to set and it creates a calming atmosphere.” Not to mention, each one is less than $20.

4. Sivya 58″ Farmhouse Decor Beads, $6, original price: $7

Sivya 58Amazon

“My boyfriend thinks this is a necklace, but it is indeed a strand of decorative beads to lay over your coffee table,” Carolan adds. “I love how it looks draped over my coffee table books!” We also love them, especially for the less-than-$10 price point.

5. Smeg Electric Kettle, $190

Smeg Electric Kettle, blackAmazon

Per Danielle’s coveted morning routine, a freshly made cup of tea is where it’s at. “This kettle looks so chic on my countertop and heats up water fast,” she adds.

6. Breville Juicer, $200

Breville JuicerAmazon

If you know Carolan, you already know Breville’s Juicer made her list. “Everyone knows my obsession with ginger shots and green juices,” she shares. “I wanted to try and make them at home exactly how I like them.”

7. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Blanket, $180

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic BlanketAmazon

“You will find these all over my apartment,” according to Carolan. “Whenever I have guests over and we’re watching a movie, I will go grab all of my blankets for them to snuggle up with.” Plus, she says they look great at the end of her bed or on her couch. 

8. NEST Fragrances Driftwood & Chamomile Scented Candle, $46

NEST Fragrances Driftwood & Chamomile Scented CandleAmazon

“My word of the year for 2022 is ‘Wellness’ so why not have a candle named after it?” Carolan shares. “This Wellness candle collection by NEST is the best thing ever to happen to me.” Per Carolan, the Driftwood & Chamomile scent is unbeatable.

9. House Day Black Velvet Hangers (60-Pack), $30, original price: $35


“Who knew there was such a difference in clothing hangers?” Carolan shares. “These felt clothing hangers actually keep my clothes on their proper hanger and they are great for smaller spaces since they are so thin.” Not to mention, this six-pack is just $30.

10. Faux Pampas Grass, $25, original price: $27

Faux Pampas GrassAmazon

“I have some pampas grass in a vase in my bedroom and it completely elevates the whole room,” she mentions. Plus, there’s some pampas grass in the gals’ podcast studio!

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