Enamel Erosion – Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Enamel is a thin layer of hard tissue that covers the teeth and forms around them during fetal development. Enamel is composed of hydroxyapatite, which is a mineralized form of calcium phosphate. It is strong and resistant to decay and can last for many years.


There are certain signs and symptoms that may indicate worn tooth enamel. These include a change in the way teeth feel when touched, a yellow spot on a tooth, or a change in how white teeth look. If you think you may have worn your teeth down to the enamel, see your dentist for an evaluation.


When you eat sugar, the substances in your mouth will cause harmful acids, causing the enamel to erode over time. This also happens when you drink sodas, alcohol, and fruit drinks.

Saliva works to protect your teeth by neutralizing acids. If you have dry mouth due to certain conditions, the acids are at a greater risk of destroying your teeth as they stay longer in your mouth.

Eating disorders or stomach acid can cause stomach acid to enter your mouth and can also lead to tooth erosion.

Things such as eating and grinding teeth can wear down enamel while brushing too hard can lead to the same damage.

Use your teeth for what they were designed for and avoid using them to open bottles or chew on objects other than fingernails or pens. You could chip or crack a tooth enamel if you do so.


According to research, there are steps you can take, such as practicing good oral hygiene and brushing twice a day, that may help maintain strong teeth and prevent enamel erosion.

Eating a balanced diet and reducing the intake of sugary and acidic foods will help prevent enamel-eroding acids from forming in your mouth. Milk and yogurt are also rich in calcium and phosphate which provide protection from erosion.

Another tip for reducing acid exposure is to drink more water and rinse your mouth with water after eating any acidic food. This will help flush out some of the acids but also encourage saliva production.


Porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges can be used as restorations for your teeth. They will provide you with a natural-looking smile while they protect the teeth that are still healthy.

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