Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s birth chart: Cooking up success since 1972

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s birth chart: Cooking up success since 1972

Are you ready to find out what The Rock is cooking? Of course you are.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is nothing short of a global powerhouse, having been lauded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time before moving on to take Hollywood by storm. Catapulted to super stardom with a knack for big blockbusters, he has become a staple within American action and comedy hits.

Whether you know him from the wildly successful “Fast & Furious” saga or recent outings such as “Jungle Cruise” or “Red Notice,” Johnson has not only become one of the highest paid actors in recent years but also one of the most followed people on Instagram. It seems that America can’t get enough of the icon’s sex appeal, lavish lifestyle or down-to-earth family charm.

Yet, with an unmistakable presence and strong opinions on social issues, many have even endorsed him to run for office despite his admission that he has no patience for politics. So what makes him such a titan? Will he continue to rise? Are politics in his future? Join me as we peer into the truth in his stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s birth chart shows he’s equal parts eccentric and traditional

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was born on May 2, 1972. This makes him a persistent Taurus Sun with an ambitious Capricorn Moon. His birth time is listed online, which reveals that he is a charming Libra Ascendant. When it comes to elements, he is very significantly composed of Earth and Air energy. This gives him an enduring quality, allowing him to focus his energy toward all of his long-term goals. He also has a social side to him, which easily allows him to connect with others and relate in a very easy-to-read and relate way.

Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson birth chartDwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Taurus Sun.FilmMagic,

When looking at predominant signatures in his birth chart, the first thing that speaks like an anthem is an overwhelming amount of planetary energy that makes him charismatic and entertaining. Johnson thrives on being well liked by others and eagerly demands respect and admiration. Sometimes this appears to come from severe traumas for some people—and I do see that he had some difficult experiences growing up, which I’ll discuss in a second—but this is not what I believe ultimately motivates him. It’s the fact that he thrives so well in front of people, like an ancient statue in a museum that people from all over the world come to behold.

His Venus, the planet of attraction, is in a close conjunction with his Mars, the planet of passion. This brings him a warmly affectionate personality and a tremendous love for life. This energy radiates in his work and in his online presence—he is innately a very happy and joyous person. This astrological aspect makes him immensely sexually and sociably magnetic. His predisposition to surround himself with beauty, appreciate beauty and create beauty are all significant. This balance of great masculine and feminine energy makes him equally engaging. His Sun, ruling his life force, and his Jupiter, connected to his luck and expansion, are sweetly linked, revealing that he has abundant resources of energy.

This grants him the ability to radiate an optimistic and openhearted aura. He is an excellent leader—this is for certain—and good fortune was destined to follow him throughout his life. His Moon, ruling his inner emotional life, is united with Jupiter, too, bringing him a kind, nurturing and caring personality. This often denotes someone who is quite honorable and does an excellent job working with the public, and because of this, further material rewards and blessings always rain down upon him. The world just can’t get enough of this man!

Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars

His Ascendant, or the way he presents himself, is significantly aspected, too, with Uranus united with it, bringing him the courage to go against the grain and be eccentric, independent and push himself to extremes. Venus and Mars also link with his Ascendant, as well, bringing him immense gifts in athletics, physical vitality and stamina, with even more beauty and popularity thrown upon him. Johnson isn’t just beautiful externally; this indicates that he is also radiant on a soul-level.

Next to note is that his ambition is clear from his birth chart, too, granting him the ability to balance responsible duty with artistic exploration. His Saturn dances with his Neptune, bringing him success in creative professions.  His Mars and Venus clash with Pluto, though, further feeding his drive for power, and with his Saturn linking to Pluto, too, he can achieve literally anything he sets his mind to.

Last to mention, though, is that his Chiron, the asteroid known as the Wounded Healer, does interact a great deal with other planets in his chart. Often this reveals that someone’s earlier years in life were a bit rockier, especially around the way he communicated to others, expressed himself and was viewed by his peers. This propelled him to desire to change himself in ways that would allow him to prove himself not only to them, but to surpass them and stand above them in authority.

Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson birth chart astrologyDwayne “The Rock” Johnson has often found the stars are in his favor.FilmMagic

What are predictions for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

When peering into Johnson’s life, there’s a lot we can see. First off, Uranus, the planet of chaos and surprise, has been moving through his Sun sign and over his exact Sun in recent years, bringing him exhilarating shifts in his fate and rapidly propelling him in new directions. This continues until 2026.

Saturn, the planet of life lessons, has been hardcore giving him important lessons around home, domesticity and family, as he is required to truly make this a big priority. Next, in the years to come, there will be a greater focus on stepping in to help his daughters as they go through some difficult learning curves of their own. Luckily, with Jupiter, the planet of miracles, moving into his Sun sign in 2023 and 2024, he’ll experience a period of tremendous blessings that allow him begin a whole new chapter of his life personally and professionally.

While I do think that his career will continue to rise, I do think that he has a few different pivots that life ahead of him professionally, which do indicate a possible leap into other arenas—whether that’s producing, politics or passion projects. His investments and assets will see big shifts in 2022 and 2023, too.

The most interesting thing about his birth chart, though, is where his nodal axis exists—revealing that his South Node rests at the crown of his chart, revealing that career and fame have followed him through many lifetimes which is why it is so easy for him to step into it once again. However, his true purpose in this lifetime is to focus more on building his family and making this his top priority because that is where his greatest rewards will ultimately be found on every level. No matter what, though, The Rock has lots cooking and will for many years to come. You heard it here first.

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured in “Access Hollywood,” E! Entertainment, NBC & ABC television, Cosmopolitan magazine, Hulu, Bustle, Elite Daily, Marie Claire and more. He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regards to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide. For more information, visit KyleThomasAstrology.com.

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