Caitlyn Jenner says Twitter ‘shadow banned’ her after she joined Fox News

Caitlyn Jenner says Twitter 'shadow banned' her after she joined Fox News

Caitlyn Jenner said she was “shadow-banned” by Twitter after signing on as a contributor for the Fox News Channel last month and that she was hopeful Elon Musk would take over the company.

“I joined Fox News and guess what happened,” Jenner, who was known as former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner before transitioning to a female in 2015, told the network Thursday. 

“I got shadow-banned on Twitter. My engagements went down dramatically, and I was absolutely shocked.”

Shadow banning refers to allegations when Twitter sets its algorithms to no longer serve up a user’s tweets as often or as prominently as before, as opposed to yanking someone off the system altogether. Some have accused Twitter of instituting “shadow bans” of controversial figures. It’s not clear if Jenner was actually shadow-banned; The Post has contacted Twitter seeking comment.

Still, Twitter has been accused of censoring right-leaning voices and de-platforming prominent conservatives, such as former President Donald Trump and others, by either hiding or deleting tweets or by kicking people off the platform altogether, as in the case of Trump.

Jenner, the former reality television star who appeared on the long-running E! hit show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” told Fox News that she “100%” backs Musk in his efforts to take over Twitter.

Jenner said she “100%” supports Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter and take it private.Getty Images

“I love Elon Musk, I agree with him 100%,” she told FNC. “I love Twitter … I joined in 2015 and broke the world record … fastest ever to 1 million followers. I did it in 4 hours and 2 minutes. I’ve used Twitter for years, and enjoy using it.”

But after Jenner signed with FNC, she says, her Twitter reach decreased.

“My reach is much less today,” she said. 

“I hope Elon Musk comes in here and changes this. Because these woke companies are not going to survive — I don’t think — in the future.”

Jenner said her experience shows that tech giants like Twitter are “captive to their employees, these woke employees in this woke movement we have out there.”

Jenner joined the Fox News Channel last month as a contributor to the network.Jenner joined the Fox News Channel last month as a contributor.WireImage

“There is this woke mentality with their employees, instead of doing what’s right for the company, they are doing what they think is right for society and right for their employees,” she claimed.

“And it’s killing these companies.”

Last year, Jenner mounted an unsuccessful run for California governor — coming in 13th place among candidates seeking to oust Gavin Newsom in a special recall election.

While Jenner has become an activist on behalf of transgender Americans, she’s been criticized by liberals for embracing GOP positions on hot-button identity issues.

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