4 Reasons to Use a Family Dental Plan Now in Katy, TX

If you have a family dental plan, you should know that it won’t last forever. Your dental insurance plan is probably based on the calendar year, like other plans, and it may have an annual renewal date or may expire if it’s left unused.

If you need to renew your plan by the start of each year, anything you’ve left unspent won’t add to the next year. With that in mind, My Noble Smile recommends you look at your remaining plan and its benefits and get the most out of them.

Here are some reasons to use your dental plan before time runs out.

1. Annual maximum doesn’t carry over

The Annual maximum or annual benefit maximum is the total amount of money that a dental insurance plan will pay for your dental care within 12-months. It usually renews every January 1st if your plan is based on a calendar year. However, if you don’t use this benefit, the amount won’t roll over to the next year. And therefore, the benefit for that year will be gone unused.

2. Premium by-monthly plan

If you’re paying premium dental insurance through your employer, you’ll see deductions in each paycheck. This means if you don’t use the benefit, your money is wasted. Therefore, even if you don’t need any services like cosmetic dentistry, you should still have your regular cleaning and check-up. This will help prevent and detect early signs of oral cancer, gum disease, cavities, or other dental issues and help you make full use of the benefits you purchased.

3. Fee typically increases at the start of the year

Another reason you should use your benefits now is the possibility of a fee increase at the start of the next year. Yes, many dentists increase their prices due to the increased cost of equipment, living, and materials. This will also increase the cost of your dental work. So, why shouldn’t we use a dental plan when the prices are low?

4. Oral health issues can worsen if left untreated

Delaying dental treatment is not a good idea in any circumstances. By delaying the treatment, you’re risking more expensive and severe treatment in the future. You might end up turning a simple tooth decay procedure into a root canal problem simply by delaying the treatment.

Family Dental Plan: Use it before you lose it!

Call your insurance provider and ask them the exact remaining amount of benefits. You can easily use your benefits if you require some necessary treatment. But if not, you can still go for dental cleaning, scaling, or exams. For this reason, please call the affordable dentist in Katy and book an appointment.

We understand that Dental care directly affects your overall health. That’s why, at Noble Smile Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe in making our patients our #1 priority. We believe in spending quality, one-on-one time with our patients to ensure great customer service and be available for your related questions and concerns. You will find that each team member is highly approachable and looks forward to helping you out. So, visit us today and get the best services for all your dental needs, everything from a loose tooth to total gum therapy. We have you covered!

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