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Are zonkeys natural? Check it out | are zonkeys real

A “zonkey” is a hybrid cross produced by mating a zebra and a donkey. Zonkeys are not a true species because they have an odd number of chromosomes and cannot reproduce. Are zonkeys extinct? Although they are very rare, cases of wild Zonkeys have been reported but the majority of them today are found in… Read More »

Jimmy Butler, Jayson Tatum and the intangibles that could swing

After the many ups and downs of the 2022 Eastern Conference finals, including double-digit wins and injuries to star players, the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are facing off for Game 7 in Miami on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET (on ESPN and the ESPN app).The winner will advance to play the Golden State Warriors…

See Bradley Cooper’s transformation as young and old Leonard Bernstein

Bradley Cooper is unrecognizable in the first look of his upcoming film “Maestro.” The biographical drama stars Cooper as the legendary Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein, alongside Carey Mulligan as Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montealegre. The celebrated composer, credited with reinventing the American musical, died in November 2021 at age 91. Netflix released photos from the set on Monday,… Read More »

Nadal wins, sets up French faceoff with Djokovic

PARIS — By the end of only the third five-setter Rafael Nadal has played in 112 career matches at Roland Garros, as the sun and temperature descended and the chants of “Ra-fa! Ra-fa!” filled the evening air, the man known as the King of Clay showed precisely what this meant to him.With every sprint-slide-and-stretch to…

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Inspections

A chimney is a tall, upright structure that carries smoke and fumes from a fire up into the sky. Chimneys are found in many homes and businesses, including churches, schools, and factories. Chimneys are also found in places where smoke cannot escape, such as underground coal mines. The chimney is built of brick, stone or… Read More »

Tips for baby Cake Smash Photos

One of the most important times during a baby’s life is when they are first learning to explore and socialize. One way to help make this process easier is by giving them fun activities to do together. The best way to do this is by having some fun cake smash photos with your baby! Here… Read More »

Gauff’s run in Paris continues into quarterfinals

Quite a trip to Paris in the springtime for 18-year-old American Coco Gauff: She celebrated graduating from high school — an achievement saluted via social media by former first lady Michelle Obama — and now is into the French Open quarterfinals for the second consecutive year.How did YOU spend the past week or so?Learning as…

Does Getting A Crown Hurt?

What Is A Crown?  A crown, in dental terms, is exactly what its title suggests; an artificially molded ‘cap’ that sits atop your tooth and helps to protect it. Although it differs significantly from a royal crown or tiara, dental crowns have their own honorable duty to fulfill.  Besides providing cover for deep-rooted cavities or… Read More »