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Being Gabe Kapler: Inside the mind of the San Francisco

THE WATCH ON Gabe Kapler’s left wrist started as a curiosity and traveled a smooth path to obsession. Big, chunky and obviously expensive, it was both striking and vexing. Morning or afternoon, the time on the watch bore no resemblance to the actual time of day.Even more vexing, the time was never identifiable as being…

What is Math ceil in Java? Check it out | math.ceil java

Java Math ceil() The ceil() method rounds the specified double value upward and returns it. The rounded value will be equal to the mathematical integer. That is, the value 3.24 will be rounded to 4.0 which is equal to integer 4. What is Math ceil 3.4? What is returned by math. ceil(3.4)? Explanation: The ceil… Read More »

6 Common Dental Problems

Most people don’t realize that there are many dental problems that can occur. Most people assume that a visit to the dentist is just about cleaning the teeth and getting a cavity filled. But it is not just that simple. There are many other problems that can happen to your teeth. If you have any… Read More »

What does Benedict’s test test for? Check it out | benedict test

In lab, we used Benedict’s reagent to test for one particular reducing sugar: glucose. Benedict’s reagent starts out aqua-blue. As it is heated in the presence of reducing sugars, it turns yellow to orange. The “hotter” the final color of the reagent, the higher the concentration of reducing sugar. Which sugar gives positive Benedict’s test?… Read More »