Daily Archives: April 22, 2022

Phase 3 clinical trial results lead to approval of oral drug for red blood cell disorder: ACTIVATE trial generated positive safety and efficacy data for mitapivat.

Researchers have published the results of a clinical trial that led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to recently approve mitapivat for the treatment of adults with pyruvate kinase deficiency — a rare genetic condition that leads to the destruction of red blood cells, or hemolytic anemia. The primary results from the global, phase 3,… Read More »

TikTok ‘forces employees to work 12 hour days, six days a week’

A former senior-level worker at TikTok claimed that managers made employees work 12-hour days six days a week. Pabel Martinez, who had earned $220,000 a year at the wildly popular video-sharing app, claimed that managers at TikTok would frequently ask employees to hop on meetings during weekends in addition to working after hours, according to… Read More »

Who wins the Premier League: Man City or Liverpool? We

Apr 21, 2022Rob DawsonCorrespondent Manchester City and Liverpool have six games left to battle it out for the Premier League title. They couldn’t be separated when they played each other, with both fixtures finishing 2-2, but one team will have to come out on top by the time the league campaign draws to a close…

After Tuchel blames pitch, six times top managers made bad

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was left frazzled on Wednesday night after watching his side slump to their second defeat in three Premier League games, with a dismal 4-2 home loss to Arsenal.With his side having now conceded eight goals in that same time frame, the German was desperately searching for answers during the postmatch debrief…

The link between transit use and early COVID cases

Researchers from Georgia Tech’s Colleges of Engineering and Computing have completed the first published study on the link between America’s mass transit use and Covid-19 cases at the beginning of the pandemic. Using data from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Household Travel Survey, the team looked at the nation’s 52 largest metropolitan areas and each… Read More »

Apple workers at Grand Central Terminal store push to form union

Employees of Apple’s flagship store in Grand Central Terminal are pushing to form a union — a campaign that follows growing calls among disgruntled members of the iPhone maker’s workforce for better pay and benefits. A group of Apple workers calling themselves Fruit Stand Workers United have begun collecting signatures to form the union. With enough… Read More »

Ellen Pompeo: ‘Hero’ Katherine Heigl was ‘ahead of her time’

Could Katherine Heigl finally be getting her redemption story? The former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress — who was “blacklisted” from Hollywood amid claims she was “difficult” and “unprofessional” — is now being praised by her former co-star, Ellen Pompeo. Heigl, 43, starred alongside Pompeo, 52, on six seasons of the ABC medical drama before she quit… Read More »

Bayern Munich’s, Borussia Dortmund’s biggest questions this offseason

ESPN’s lead Bundesliga commentator Derek Rae is in Munich this week, preparing to broadcast “der Klassiker” — Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund — on Saturday. (Stream LIVE, 12:30 p.m. ET, ABC and ESPN+). While it’s a chance for Bayern to clinch a record tenth successive title, the future for both clubs remains an open book.Julian…