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NHL playoff watch: The state of the Western wild-card race

Apr 3, 2022Tim KavanaghESPN.com CloseTim Kavanagh is a senior NHL editor for ESPN. He’s a native of upstate New York.With less than four weeks left in the NHL’s 2021-22 regular season, one of the more tantalizing playoff races is for the second wild card in the Western Conference. Heading into Sunday’s games, the Dallas Stars…

Molecules produced by cells in response to stress may be indicators of various diseases: Signatures of certain RNA molecules may help improve diagnostics.

Certain small RNAs called tDRs can be found inside and outside cells during stress responses to different diseases. Researchers have created an atlas of the stress signatures for tDRs that might be used as markers of disease and identify new disease-causing pathways. The body’s ability to respond to various types of stress is essential for… Read More »

How bold, brash Tennessee is taking college baseball by storm

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Traffic snarled across the University of Tennessee campus earlier this week.Parking garages swelled to the brim. A sea of orange-clad fans blanketed the campus, and the fraternity houses were in full party mode.All on a Wednesday, mind you, about the time most people were finishing up their workday.No, Peyton Manning was not…

Loud and clear: High-energy ads keep viewers tuned in, study shows

TV advertising has become not only high-volume, but increasingly high-energy — a trend noticed by academics and practitioners. A new study from the University of Notre Dame confirms the shift and shows that advertisers should pay attention to components of ad content other than loudness, which has been regulated by law. More energetic commercials are… Read More »

AI is learning how to explain itself to humans

OAKLAND, Calif., April 6 – Microsoft Corp’s LinkedIn boosted subscription revenue by 8% after arming its sales team with artificial intelligence software that not only predicts clients at risk of canceling but also explains how it arrived at its conclusion. The system, introduced last July and to be described in a LinkedIn blog post on… Read More »

Tiger Watch: Tracking Tiger Woods and his Masters 2022 decision

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Let the Tiger Watch begin.Tiger Woods wasn’t ready to officially say on Sunday that he’ll play in the 86th Masters, which is scheduled to begin Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club. But in a statement on Twitter, Woods did say that he would be arriving here Sunday to continue practicing and preparing…

The road ends here for Coach K: ‘These kids made

Apr 3, 2022Pete ThamelESPN NEW ORLEANS — As Mike Krzyzewski limped off the Superdome court at 10:07 local time Saturday night, he clasped the left hand of his wife, Mickie, with his right hand.As they reached the threshold where the exit of the arena floor ends and the tunnel to the locker room begins, Krzyzewski…