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EU set to crack down on Big Tech with new antitrust regulations

European Union officials have agreed on the language of new legislation aimed at reining in powerful American tech giants like Meta-owned Facebook and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. Approval is pending for the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which is designed to prevent tech firms from gaining monopolistic holds on online content. The proposed legislation includes restrictions on… Read More »

A nanoscale look at coronavirus infection

A human cell being infected by a coronavirus is a crowded place as the virus turns its host into a virus-replicating machine. Now, for the first time, Stanford scientists have used super-resolution light microscopy to sift through the crowd and determine where in the cell viral molecules lie. W.E. Moerner, professor of chemistry, and Stanley… Read More »

Premier League questions: Man City or Liverpool to win title?

Mar 22, 2022Ian DarkeESPN.com writer CloseDarke, who called games for the network during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, is ESPN lead soccer voice in the United States. He has covered the Barclays Premier League and the Champions League since 1982, and has one of the world’s most recognizable soccer voices.The Premier League…

The six warning signs something is very wrong with your iPhone

Apple’s iPhones are well-oiled machines – but there are some key warning signs that things are working properly. From accidental water damage to signs of snooping, we reveal six clues that something is very wrong with your iPhone. Battery health Your iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery, which has a limited lifespan. Every time you discharge and charge… Read More »

Sharing memories sets children on path to better well-being

Toddlers whose mothers received special coaching in talking about memories grew into teenagers who experience better wellbeing, University of Otago research shows. The study found that 15-year-olds told more coherent stories about turning points in their lives if their mothers had been taught the new conversational techniques 14 years earlier. These adolescents also reported fewer… Read More »

World Cup playoffs: No Ronaldo, Salah or Italy? What’s at

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest names in soccer who could miss out on the tournament. Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty ImagesCan you imagine a FIFA World Cup in Qatar without Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo or Egypt’s Mohamed Salah? Or a tournament in which European champions Italy or African champions Senegal fail to qualify? Well the bad…

EU, US data storage deal worries privacy activists

The European Union and the US announced a preliminary data transfer deal on Friday, seeking to end the limbo in which thousands of companies found themselves after Europe’s top court threw out two previous pacts due to concerns about US surveillance. While businesses cheered the news, Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, whose campaign about the… Read More »

Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your house. They carry air, heat, and moisture all around your home. And while they’re certainly not the only system in your home that needs attention, they are definitely the one that needs to be cleaned the most. Air duct cleaning is a great… Read More »

Road to the Frozen Four: Results, top storylines, players to

The NCAA men’s hockey tournament is here, with a 16-team field battling through the regionals for a berth in the Frozen Four, to be held April 7 and 9 at TD Garden in Boston.The four top seeds are Michigan (No. 1 in the Allentown, Pennsylvania region), Minnesota State (Albany, New York), Denver (Loveland, Colorado) and…